Sunday, September 2, 2007


Designing your portfolio can be one of the most demanding experiences of your self promotional process. What should be included? What ‘flow’ communicates your individual message most appropriately? How can you utilize technology if your work has a tactile component?

I suggest creating a basic mock-up that you can then request suggestions for improvement. Contact colleagues, former employers, clients, and friends to offer suggestions. Encourage them to identify what they consider the single weakest point. There’s no need to mire yourself in the “why” (it should be instinctual, and they might not have a neatly packaged answer), rather it’s their proposed solution that’s the most important.

Allow me offer my own basic mock up for that exact purpose. If you could change ONE thing about the collection of images below, what would it be? How can I make this representation of my work better?


(Simply click on an image for a closer view)

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Taiese said...

Hey Kenya, This website is a great idea. It's good to see a lot of your great work in one place.